Catching up with Steve Baker in Birmingham

The other day we went Birmingham, UK to meet our super talented illustrator. Its always nice to hook up with Steve and catch up and talk about the direction The Urban Legend series should take. Steve knows we`re am woking on a Malcolm X documentary, so he took us to Smethwick in Birmingham. Malcolm X was there in February of 1965 advocating for equal rights for newly arrived immigrants. Malcolm X was killed 9 days later in the US. It was a place we have wanted to visited for such a long time as we have seen a lot of footage of Malcolm X being in Smethwick.

We sat down and talked about season 4 and we told him what our vision was and he came up with some suggestions on how to make it better (as he always do). we are really excited about this season 4, it will be completely different than from all of the other seasons and its a vision we have had for such a long time, so we´re so happy that its finally coming to life.

Cant wait to show and tell you more about it!

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