NRK article about The Urban Legend and the new era of superheroes that are emerging

The TV channel NRK called me a few weeks ago and asked me if i wanted to be interviewed in a big article there were working on which was about the new era of superheroes that are emerging. I said yes and i got the impression they wanted to use The Urban Legend as the lead example in their story. I was coincidentally invited to Haugenstua junior high in Oslo to give a lecture, so they wanted to film me while i was giving a lecture about The Urban Legend. it felt weird giving a lecture while NRK was filming, but i had actually a lot of fun doing it. Afterwards they invited me to the library to do an interview about the new era of superheroes that are emerging into the mainstream scene and how its making an impact on people around the world.

You can read the whole article NRK published, unfortunately its only in Norwegian (but luckily that there is something called Google translate :).


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