Season 3 of the urban legend

We finally wrapped up season 3 and what a journey it has been. Nine issues filled with everything you would want in superhero comic book series. I am very happy with season 3 and i can honestly say its the best season so far. Steve has been so incredible during season 3 with stories, art and suggestions and he has made so many iconic covers. We have worked so hard with season 3, with stories, character development, plots and an overall theme. Like The Urban Legend has been all over the world (from Norway, Japan and China), so we decided he stay in Capital City and base everything there.

I cant wait to publish season 3, so all our fans will have the chance to read something we have worked so hard on and that we are really happy with.

This is my favourite cover of The Urban Legend, which is the cover of issue 3, season 3!

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