Welcome to the official page oF
the urban legend comic

Welcome to the official page oF
the urban legend comic

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How A New Generation of Comic Book Creators is Sharing Africa’s History

From Uganda to the DRC, Nigeria to Côte d'Ivoire, comic book creators and graphic novel illustrators are taking full advantage of the art-form to tell uniquely African stories. Eritrean-Norwegian comic book artist and writer Josef Yohannes' The Urban Legend is a school teacher who adopts his alter-ego after the murder of his cousin.Yohannes, who published the first issue of The Urban Legend in 2012, looked to history — both personal and public — for his superhero's moniker. "The name was very important and played an essential part in who he was and what he stands for," he told OkayAfrica. "So I named him Malcolm Tzegai Madiba. I named him after Malcolm X, my father Tzegai (which is also my middle name) and Nelson Mandela.




Malcolm`s childhood friend from Eritrea.

Together she and Malcolm learned martial arts and protected their local village.

When she and Malcolm meets up later in Capital City, she carries a dark secret that will change everything between them.

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Her father used to run the biggest Yakuza clan in Tokyo, until Tanaka killed her whole family. Kiyoko seeks revenge and is plotting on how to kill Tanaka and revenge the death of her family.

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The Urban Legend Copycat

He see how famous and adored The Urban Legend is by the people, and seeks the same by pretending he is him.

He doesn’t understand that being superhero comes with a price, before it`s too late.

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